Shaheen Jamal Rwandizi
Partner & Senior Attorney

Shaheen is a Khori Yasa shareholder. With a 10 years’ experience in the field of law, Mr. Rwandizi is a well-known professional lawyer in the Region.   Mr. Rwandizi is very well experienced in the Iraqi Company law and company

Mohamed Sinjari
Partner, Senior Attorney

Mohamed Sinjari is an English speaking attorney, legal advisor and translator with 16 years’ experience in Iraqi law, and 20 years in translation. Mr. Sinjari has a long professional work experience and ability to work independently in a rapidly changing

Karwan Himat
Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Himat is the founder and Managing Director of Khori Yasa law firm. He is one of the best attorneys in the Region. Relying on a 14 years’ experience of practice in litigation in civil and criminal cases, negotiations, MOUs

KhoriYasa is a Fully Legal Services Law Firm in Iraq . We represent clients throughout Iraq including Kurdistan Region in litigation, business and trademark registration, personal injury matters and other legal issues.

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