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Shaheen Jamal Rwandizi
Partner & Senior Attorney

Shaheen is a Khori Yasa shareholder. With a 10 years’ experience in the field of law, Mr. Rwandizi is a well-known professional lawyer in the Region.


Mr. Rwandizi is very well experienced in the Iraqi Company law and company registration. Through his work years, he has registered numerous companies and branch offices of various business nature and nationalities. Also, he is very familiar with the share transfer process and requirements, in addition to company liquidation. Shaheen is also experienced in taxes and social security laws and processes. Everything that relates to taxation, income tax and direct deduction is his specialty.

Mr. Rwandizi has a good knowledge in factory establishment and registration requirements, and post establishment purchase and sale and type modification and change. Moreover, Mr. Rwandizi is experienced in the Investment law. He has guided and helped many investors to start their own businesses and enterprises in the Region. As a legal advisor, Shaheen provides legal advice to clients who seek guidance for their companies, trading projects, factories, small businesses and\ or big investments

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KhoriYasa is a Fully Legal Services Law Firm in Iraq . We represent clients throughout Iraq including Kurdistan Region in litigation, business and trademark registration, personal injury matters and other legal issues.

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