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Lead Counselors Law Firm joins law professional and reputable lawyers in Iraq including these who act in Baghdad and Erbil. Lead Counselors is  registered law firm  according to the regulations of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Companies Registration Department. The registration number of Lead Counselors is 21940 and its headquarter is located in  Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR). Lead Counselors is one of the best law firms in Iraq and it provides  both legal services and strategies that serve the clients’ business ambitions and goals  in the main Iraqi cities of Baghdad, Sulaimaniah, Duhok, Kirkuk, Karbala, Najaf, and Basra.

Lead Counselors Law Firm. Lawyers in Iraq, Baghdad and Advocates in Erbil, work for the success of clients of the law form;

The firm joins qualified lawyers in Iraq who are based-in Baghdad and Erbil and serve the firm’s clients aiming at the success of their cases and solving their business matters . Lead Counselors lawyers have profound knowledge and experience in the relevant lawsuits and litigations of various cases. This includes all matters related to civil,  criminal, family and labour cases  in addition to the transactions and other issues related to taxation, business registration, social security, investment,  residency and VISA, negotiations and contracts.

In addition of that he firm provides a range of legal services to meet the needs of our clients  including legal transactions, consultation, documenting and organising legal documents, transactions related to licensing, intellectual property, employment, and taxation and other legal services in Iraq and Kurdistan region.

Clients of the firm are diverse including  institutions, local and foreign companies and individuals who have various business backgrounds related  but not limited to  the sectors of oil and gas, private security, health, trade and construction. Contact the firm and get more.


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The experience of our partners and attorneys gives power to the cases they carry out, conducive to our clients’ benefit and satisfaction.

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Our law firm includes professional and reputable Iraqi lawyers from the Kurdistan Region and Central Iraq

Legal Advice
We provide professional legal advice in all legal aspects
Multi-Language Team
Our attorneys speak English, Turkish, Arabic and Sorani and Badini Kurdish
Lawyers in Iraq Baghdad and Erbil
Expert Lawyers
Our lawyers in Iraq, Baghdad and Erbil, work for the success of Khori Yasa’s clients
Various Legal Services
Civil, criminal, family, labour, taxation, business, social security, investment, residency and VISA and many more.

KhoriYasa is a Fully Legal Services Law Firm in Iraq . We represent clients throughout Iraq including Kurdistan Region in litigation, business and trademark registration, personal injury matters and other legal issues.

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